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New Fly Lines

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  January 16th, 2014 0

When I got started in fly fishing, a crotchety old-timer told me that the only line I’d ever need was the top-selling flaoting trout line of the day. He couldn’t have been more wrong. While many rods and reels are multi-purpose and multi-species, fly lines are perhaps our most highly specialized pieces of equipment. Apart from our flies—which are hyper-specialized to meet specific hatches—fly lines should be the most carefully considered pieces of your presentation. If you’re the type of fly fisher who fishes only one river using a single method, then maybe you can get away with just one good trout line. But if you like to switch from drys, to nymphs, and then to streamers, and you travel abroad to different rivers and lakes and even salt water, you’ll want lines designed for each situation.

Modern fly lines are more than just specialized tapers. Everything about the lines is engineered for a specific purpose—from the core, which is the inner “skeleton” of the line, to the outer coatings, which are designed to work best in specific temperature ranges. Here’s a few new fly lines that will help you catch more fish—but only if you use them in the right situations.


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