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Super Dri Elite

by Fly Fisherman   |  October 23rd, 2013 0

The first thing you need to understand about Airflo lines is that they’re not made of PVC—the coating is polyurethane, a completely different type of plastic with different chemical properties. What makes or breaks a fly line, whether it’s PVC or polyurethane, is the additives that make the product special—additives that make the coating harder or more supple, make the line float or sink, and some that make the line slicker. With Super Dri, the UK company went back to the drawing board with its coatings to produce a new generation of nano-engineered hydrophobic coatings with additives that would actually repel water, and therefore float higher and drier. Our tester used the Super Dri Elite on the West Branch of the Delaware during a heavy morning downpour that swamped mayflies as they hatched, and kept fat and sassy rainbows feeding on top for hours. “The Super Dri was also super accurate, super easy to mend and pick up, and super slick going through the guides,” he said. “Even after the river turned to chocolate, the line stayed clean, and rode high like it was made of Teflon.” For more information, see the video below.  ($75



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