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New Fly Reels: Fresh and Salt Water

by Fly Fisherman   |  October 28th, 2013 1

New Fly ReelsYou’ve probably heard the myth that in trout fishing, your fly reel is nothing more than a line holder. Well, that might be true if your game is catching 14-inch hatchery trout on 3X tippets. If you’re a serious fly fisher, however, it’s likely that your sights are set much higher. Want to enter the 20/20 club and catch a 20-inch trout on a size 20 or smaller fly? You’ll need a quality reel with a smooth drag system. And for saltwater fishing, your reel becomes even more important. Here are a few of the best new fly reels of 2014 for all types of fishing.

Engineered for a Purpose
Your go-to new fly reel could be anything from a functional, inexpensive workhorse like the Sage 3250, to a sealed-drag showpiece like the Tibor Signature Series. The Hardy Ultralite SDS is a saltwater big-game reel, while the Sage Evoke was developed with Spey fishers in mind.


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