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Orvis Ultralight Wading Boot

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  June 9th, 2011 6

Orvis Ultralight

Orvis Ultralight
Orvis is a company with a strong stance on the rubber-versus felt-sole debate. The company states that in sand, mud, clay, gravel, snow, and ice, rubber treads are superior to felt, but not on moss-covered rocks. Our test team agreed. In order to be as effective as felt on slippery rocks, rubber soles must be studded. With good grip in mind, Orvis developed its new River Guard rubber sole with receptacles meant to be used with its cross-shaped EcoTraX tungsten-carbide studs. This Vibram tread pattern has sharp leading edges for grip, and the studs can be removed for fishing areas without slippery rocks or from a drift boat. River Guard soles come standard on the new OrvisĀ Ultralight wading boot, as well as on the Orvis River Guard Side-Zip Brogue. $150

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