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Tibor Signature Series Trout Reel

by Fly Fisherman   |  October 28th, 2013 0

Tibor Signature Series

Ted Juracsik set the saltwater world on its head when he reinvented the Tibor brand with his Tibor Signature Series. The reels are lighter than the original Tibor series and have a sealed, waterproof drag system that’s easy to change from right- to left-hand retrieve. The esthetics and stopping power of the Signature Series quickly made it a staple for everything for bonefish and redfish, up to billfish and tarpon with the giant 11-12 size. In 2014 this saltwater stalwart is coming down in size to a 31/4″x23⁄8″ trout-size reel that holds 200 yards of 20-pound-test gel-spun backing and a 6-weight line. The 5-6 Signature reel has a lighter foot to balance with smaller trout rods, and there’s also a speciality color scheme for the lightweight of the family that allows you to choose a distinctive lime, aqua, crimson, or black drag system to match with the standard frame and spool colors that Tibor has offered for years. Tibor Signature Series, $685.

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