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Sage 690-4 ONE: Gear Review

by Diana Rudolph   |  January 15th, 2012 0


It’s time to start thinking about that winter trip to Belize or the Bahamas. Sage’s 690-4 ONE is the perfect rod for casting lightweight saltwater flies, especially in calm or skinny water conditions. It has a smooth blend of power, which makes it extremely versatile and adaptive for both fresh and saltwater. I have used it for throwing streamers on western rivers, deer hair mice in Labrador and small crab patterns on the flats. It is powerful enough to pick up a long line and casts a fly into the wind with ease. When paired with RIO’s wf-6-f bonefish taper and light tippet, this rod presents a fly delicately and discreetly to the most discriminating bonefish. Once you learn to cast and achieve high line speed, this small rod performs as well as its heavier cousin, the 8 weight. When conditions allow, leave the 8 behind and lighten up. It’s more fun, it’s more effective and you’ll catch more fish.

The 690-4 ONE is available in both fresh and saltwater configurations and retails for $725.00.

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