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Loomis Wins Back-to-Back “Best Fly Rod”

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  July 14th, 2011 12

Steve Rajeff shows off G.Loomis’s new Pro-4X fly rod at the 2011 iCast show in Las Vegas. The rod won “Best Fly Rod” at the event.

Loomis’s new Pro-4X fly rods were named the winner in the ICAST New Product Showcase ‘best new fly rod’ category at a special awards ceremony July 13.
“What a great follow-up to last year when we were recognized for our NRX fly rods,” said G.Loomis’ chief rod designer Steve Rajeff. “This just show fly anglers—and fly dealers—our commitment to bringing our best in technology, materials and design to our fly rod line-up.”
The Pro-4X fly rod series includes rods for trout, salmon/steelhead and saltwater fishing, ranging from a short, delicate, eight-foot, 3-weight for small flies in small water, a powerful, nine-foot, 8-weight to handle winds on the flats, and a 10-foot 7-weight for long-cast needed steelhead rivers.

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