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New Fly Rods: The Next Generation

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  October 25th, 2013 0

Yes, these new fly rods are from the future… possibly your very near future.

Many things set fly fishing apart from conventional fishing. We’re crazy about insects. We read (and write) far too many books. We presume that our methods and hypotheses are more scientific. We don’t use bait, instead we use obscure pieces of dead birds and animals to replicate bait. And the major keystone to our entire sport—the element that brings it all together—is the casting.

From the days of silk and tapered horsehair leaders, we have inherited the tradition of a weighted, aerialized line unfurling toward the target.

Like a touchdown pass, this is our moment of anticipation as the rod bends, building kinetic energy, then it springs forward, transferring energy to the line and eventually to the fly in an example of dynamic physics that would make Newton proud.

Let’s own up to it and admit that when we’re on the river, we all probably cast too much. That’s because with the right rod, it’s so much fun.

Can the latest generation of rods cause you to actually hook and land more fish? Probably not. But there’s something special about a tool that’s perfectly designed for a specific purpose. One that fits and swings in your hand in a way that is both comfortable and efficient, and makes your fishing experience more pleasurable.

The new crop for 2014 does just that, whether you are making an 80-foot cast on the bonefish flats of the Bahamas, pushing roadkill-size flies for pike and musky, or softly parachuting a size 20 Trico onto a Montana spring creek. The world’s best engineers, rod designers, craftsmen—all of them fly fishers at their core—have found new ways to make subtle improvements to our most important tool.


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