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Orvis Superfine Glass Rod

by Fly Fisherman   |  October 28th, 2013 0

Orvis Superfine Glass

After a several-decade hiatus from fiberglass, Orvis has come back into the glass game. Rod designer Shawn Combs at Orvis started the process several years ago. After a long period of testing, tweaking, and tuning, Orvis has finally released the Orvis Superfine Glass, rolled and assembled at the Orvis rod shop in Manchester, Vermont, and priced under $400. There is no excuse for any serious glass geek not to at least give these rods a try. I recently spent an enjoyable afternoon casting small foam hoppers to hungry brown trout in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area using a 7′ Superfine Glass. The little 3-weight handled the hopper without issue and rolled out accurate casts up to 40 feet without a problem. There is also a 7’6″ 4-weight, and an 8′ 5-weight in the series. Orvis Superfine Glass, $400.

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