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Sage Method

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  October 23rd, 2013 0

Although Sage isn’t officially calling this a saltwater rod, we tested the new fast-action Sage Method on the bonefish flats of South Andros Island and found it’s the perfect tool for launching long, accurate casts in calm conditions where you can see the fish coming (and they can see you) from a long way off. And it’s just as effectively when the wind is howling, and you need to make a powerful cast right into the teeth of a gale.

But since there are also 4- to  6-weights with wood insert real seats in the rod family, and nine different Spey and switch models, it’s much more than a saltwater series—it’s a high-performance casting tool for people who enjoy pushing the ceiling higher and higher.

“Sage’s DNA is synonymous with fast-action rods, and through Konnetic Technology, we’ve taken seriously smooth, ultra-fast action performance to a new place entirely,” said Sage chief rod designer, Jerry Siem. “Our newest high-performance rods will make any caster better, but will also help experienced casters notch exceptional casts with regularity.” For more information, see the video below. ($800-$1,050


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