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Simms Montana Techwool Zip Top

by Fly Fisherman   |  October 28th, 2013 4

The Simms Montana Wool collection uses a supply chain of fibers sourced from Montana farms and ranches, and is washed, and made into yarn, fabric, and garments right here in the U.S. We love that Simms doesn’t just ask consumers to buy local—the company walks the walk in supporting local Montana resources and communities.
Perhaps you’ve heard of Merino wool—a breed of sheep originally from Spain that is prized for its small-diameter fibers generally smaller that 24 microns. These small fibers are soft next to the skin, and more numerous and smaller fibers do a better job at transporting moisture and maintaining temperature. Well, Merino has nothing on this high-quality Montana Wool that clocks in at 21 microns, doesn’t itch, and keeps you dry and comfortable all day. The Techwool Zip Top also has a fleece-lined collar and flat lock stitching for the ultimate next-to-skin comfort on and off the river.
Simms Montana Techwool Zip Top,  $180.

  • Simms

    Bullshit. Where in America are these being made then? Most certainly not in Montana.

    • Nick

      Simms, while it is not made in Montana, it is Montana sourced wool, and 100% USA manufactured just in another state.

      • Simms

        Ok, then my question should be very easy to answer. Yet it has not been.

    • Simms Fishing Products

      Thanks for the comment. The Montana TechWool uses Montana wool that is spun into yarn in South Carolina, heads up to North Carolina to be made into fabric and then to Michigan to be made into the garment. I hope that helps you and thanks again for the comment.

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