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Simms G4 Guide Boots

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  June 9th, 2011 3

Simms G4 Guide

Simms G4 Guide

Vibram-sole Simms G4 Guide boots combine abrasion-resistant mesh panels with an easy-to-clean dirt-, water-, and adhesive-repellent Nanosphere finish. Nanosphere fabric is coated with silicon particles 100 times smaller than a virus, and it shares similar natural no-stick qualities to beetle shells, lotus leaves, and cabbage. As for shedding invasive nuisances, it’s about as close to Kryptonite as you’ll find in a boot material. G4s have a bellowed leather tongue for easy in/out, noncorrosive hardware, tough molded toe and heel counters, and a internal 3D ankle stabilizer. The soles have ported receptacles for studs. Our tester used G4s with studs for two seasons. “The stability, support, and durability of these boots is unbelievable. They help me wade more confidently because I know I won’t lose my footing or roll my ankle,” he said. $220

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