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Bomber: Top 10 Reasons Why I love the Bomber!

by Diana Rudolph   |  August 31st, 2010 0

10. The Bomber gained popularity on the Miramachi River. Classic.
9. It reminds me of wild places with pristine rivers.
8. Phonetic pronunciation is either bom-mur or bomb-ber. Bomb-ber is adorable.
7. A little Mucilin and it is unsinkable.
6. It’s easy to see when a shield of black flies impairs your vision.
5. Fish take them skated or dead drifted; inhaled or sipped, respectively.
4. It makes a sexy v wake when skated across slick water.
3. It’s easy to thread the hook when it’s a size 4.
2. It’s a dry fly that needs to be thrown with an 8 weight.
1. Big fish eat them. Really big fish.

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