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Orvis Waders

Orvis Ultralight Convertible Wader

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

I’ve backpacked into high-mountain lakes without waders just because I couldn’t handle the extra weight. Standing crotch-deep in numbing water,… more »


Drift Boats vs Wading

by Tom Rosenbauer 1

Some of my best friends row drift boats. I have nothing against getting downstream under oar power, and it’s tough… more »


Wading Strategies

by Landon Mayer 0

The key to success for any fish hunter is a stealthy approach. Too many people wade recklessly into a river… more »


Patagonia Spring River Wader

by Jessica McGlothlin 0

Patagonia has redesigned their women’s waders for 2014 and brought several innovations to the market. One of which being their… more »


Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders

by Fly Fisherman 0

Comfortable and easy to move in, these convertibles give you options in warm weather. SonicSeam Technology ensures there are no… more »


New Wading Boots: Stay Grounded

by Fly Fisherman 0

Made for Walking What makes a great wading boot? Is it fit, style, the rubber compound and tread pattern, or… more »


Simms G4 Boa Boot: The Power of Proprioception

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

You’ve probably seen people jogging the streets barefoot, or maybe read the book Born to Run, which takes a close… more »


Wading Boots

by Fly Fisherman 0

Most wading boots today are available with either felt or sticky rubber soles. Sticky rubber versions are sometimes slightly more… more »


Wading Boots

by Fly Fisherman 0

Fishing out of a drift boat all day can be as simple as sandals and sunscreen. But when you really… more »


Wading Safely

by Ross Purnell, Editor 1

Wading Safely

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