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Patagonia Spring River Wader

by Jessica McGlothlin   |  November 22nd, 2013 0

Patagonia has redesigned their women’s waders for 2014 and brought several innovations to the market. One of which being their Patagonia Spring River Wader. EZ-Lock suspenders are mounted at the waist and allow for quick conversion from waist to chest waders, and they also unclip to allow for a quick drop-seat feature—those riverside rest stops just became much more pleasant. The fit is trim but allows free movement, and as I often fish with groups of rowdy guys, the drop seat feature makes river life far easier. The waders are comfortable at full height, or worn at the waist, and the wool-lined neoprene booties were surprisingly cool and comfortable even on warmer days. A flip-out dry bag mounted inside the chest provides a safe haven for my cell phone and an extra camera battery. Patagonia Spring River Wader $400



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