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Bonefish Get Big In Hawaii

by Bruce Chard   |  April 12th, 2012 0


 Dan Kauffman Photo

I don’t think it’s a secret that there are some of the largest bonefish in the world roaming the nearby flats in Honolulu Hawaii. One time I was working a fishing show in Seattle and 2 different people came up to me asked me if the 10 pound bonefish mount hanging in the booth behind me was really a bonefish. I would say yes it was and both of them mentioned that they have not seen one so small before. They were both from Hawaii. Check out this informative website on bonefishing the Hawaiian Islands. Capt Mike Hennessy  has this fishery dialed in. If you like to fish for permit you will enjoy fishing for these giant pigs.

“Hawaii on the Fly” 

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