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Trout use shadow edges to conceal themselves and feed, just as they would in a transition seam from slow to fast water. Joe Mahelr illustration

Hunting Trout in the Shadows

by Ross Purnell, Editor 1

Trout use shadows for concealment and for feeding, and it’s a particularly important feature on small streams with large trout…. more »


Drag-Free Drift Casting

by Joe Mahler 2

You cast the fly beautifully and accurately in the direction of a feeding trout. As the fly drifts downstream, first… more »


Tenkara Fly Fishing

by Jessica Mcglothlin 0

“Fish learn from history,” Yvon Chouinard observed, looking out the window at an Idaho sunrise. He referenced the notoriously difficult… more »


Fly Fishing Tackle Checklist

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Fly fishing is a beautiful, deeply involved outdoor pursuit built on a framework of craft (fly tying), science (understanding, appreciating,… more »


Wading Strategies

by Landon Mayer 0

The key to success for any fish hunter is a stealthy approach. Too many people wade recklessly into a river… more »


Expert Fly Fising Tricks and Tips

by Jay Nichols 1

Check out these great fly fishing tips and tricks!


Matching The Drake Hatch

by Paul Weamer 1

All sports have their ultimate events: baseball has the World Series, football has the Super Bowl, and golf has the… more »


April Vokey’s Stacker Tube Evolution

by Fly Fisherman 1

I remember my first experience with a fly-tying vise. Excited and eager, I pushed in the old VHS tape and… more »

Susan Chicone photo

Lefty Kreh and Joe Agree to Disagree

by Ross Purnell, Editor 2

Renzetti held its 4th Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair recently in Titusville, Florida, and there were more than a… more »


Brown Trout at Dark

by Matt Straw 0

The metallic buzz of cicadas faded with the heat. Shadows lengthened across a seldom-used track that stretched away across a… more »

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