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Streamers in the Riffles

by George Daniel 0

Riffles possess a high concentration of trout food, which in turn can attract larger trout during certain periods of time…. more »

Bear-repelling shotgun shell: "Dragon's Breath".

How To Catch Lethargic Salmon and Steelhead

by Simon Gawesworth 0

I have long been fascinated by a subset of the fish population called “anadromous.” By definition, anadromous means “migrating from… more »


Food For Finicky Trout

by Matthew Supinski 0

If a trout could choose which gourmet restaurant to dine at, it would LIKELY choose an open table on a… more »


How To Use Streamers In Tight Quarters

by Landon Mayer 0

We have all been there . . . casting a meaty streamer in narrow water to a dark shape lurking… more »

Donald Trump Jr. and his son pursue rainbows on the swing during a recent trip to Alaska.

George Daniel’s Streamer Masterpiece

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

In the current Feb-Mar 2016 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine, contributing editor George Daniel shares his strategies for “Streamers in… more »


Fly Fishing the Hendrickson Hatch

by Paul Weamer 0

A century of fishing the Hendrickson hatch Theodore Gordon, the father of American dry-fly fishing, has died. He was America’s best… more »

Steelhead and salmon are anadromous which means they hatch in fresh water, the young migrate to the ocean or a large lake where they grow to maturity; then the adult fish return to freshwater rivers and streams to spawn and the salmon die. Ross Purnell Photo

Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon

by Fly Fisherman 21

How to catch the fish of a lifetime fly fishing steelhead and salmon     Steelhead and salmon are anadromous… more »

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.44.01 AM

Welding a Fly Line Loop Video

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Welding a Fly Line Loop Several companies sell customizable lengths of T material you can cut yourself to get just the… more »


Casting: Breaking the Wrist

by Landon Mayer 2

Many casting instructors teach anglers not to break their wrists during the cast. Breaking your wrist prevents the rod tip… more »


Green Drake: Granddaddy of the Drakes

by René Harrop 3

This is how the 1956 edition of Funk & Wagnall’s new standard dictionary explains the connection of the term “Drake”… more »

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