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April Vokey’s Stacker Tube Evolution

by Fly Fisherman 1

I remember my first experience with a fly-tying vise. Excited and eager, I pushed in the old VHS tape and… more »

Susan Chicone photo

Lefty and Joe Agree to Disagree

by Ross Purnell, Editor 2

Renzetti held its 4th Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair recently in Titusville, Florida, and there were more than a… more »


Brown Trout at Dark

by Matt Straw 0

The metallic buzz of cicadas faded with the heat. Shadows lengthened across a seldom-used track that stretched away across a… more »

Casting with the Flow

by John Larison 0

In the 19th century, fly fishers learned to match the hatch, and almost overnight fly fishing became a consistently effective… more »


Fly Fishing Retrieves: Pitching & Twitching

by Ryan Ragain 0

The first test many fly fishers experience in their streamside education is gently casting a mayfly dun imitation to sipping… more »


Saltwater Casting: Sharpen The Sword

by Capt. Bruce Chard 1

Photography: Louis Cahill We have all heard the old saying “Practice Makes Perfect.” But repetition doesn’t make this old adage… more »

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Cathy Beck’s Super Beetle

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

11 Great Ways To Tie Flies Faster

by Charlie Craven 0

As a longtime commercial fly tier, I’m used to people marveling about how fast I can tie flies. Truth is,… more »


Fishing Tips: Getting Kids Hooked On Fly Fishing

by Tom Rosenbauer 1

Passionate fly fishers dream of having their kids turn into their best fishing buddies. It often doesn’t happen at all,… more »


Fly Casting: Overcoming the Tailing Loop

by Barny Wong 0

The dreaded tailing loop is a common casting fault that visits all fly casting anglers one time or another—often when… more »

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