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Spey Casting: The Single Spey

by Diana Rudolph   |  February 20th, 2010 0

In this video, Gary Coxen, one of the UK’s premier spey casters and AAPGAI Master Instructor, demonstrates the single spey while fishing the River Tweed. This is a presentation cast and is the best option when stealth is of utmost importance and when the angler does not want to disturb the water with excessive rips or slaps of the fly line. It is a quiet touch and go anchor cast that works well in low, clear water for wary fish.

It entails a lift and a leisurely, deliberate twist of the torso as the rod rises. The rod and line accelerate slowly, while the leader and fly glide over the surface of the water. The whole motion is more of a body rotation than an arm movement and there is no punch or push with the top hand. It is very smooth and efficient. Also, notice the loop control. As Gary strips the line in he makes progressively smaller loops to ensure that the line does not get tangled up when he shoots it.


Gary Coxen and I with a celebratory handshake on the River Tweed. Small cottage on the horizon.

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