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Pacu Fishing on the Sécure River

by Oliver White 0

Fernando, the charismatic and passionate host at Asunta Lodge, says that pacus are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “freshwater permit.”… more »


 Rio Grande Sea Run Brown Trout

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

There are many places in the world where the fishing isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. Most… more »


Fly Fishing Bolivia

by Sarah Grigg 0

The conquistadors were right—there is treasure hidden deep within the jungle. Spaniard Francisco de Orellana wasn’t the first European to… more »


Fly Fishing Peacock Bass

by John G. Sherman 0

The Amazon’s best bet for 20-pound peacock bass My hands were still shaking, and my right arm felt as though… more »

Tsimane Rive

Tsimane River Gold

by Dave and Emily Whitlock 3

Exploring Bolivia’s clear and exotic jungle rivers     Long ropes of purple-flowered jungle vines hung from the limbs of… more »

Grace Smith photo

Exploring Navarino Island

by Ross Purnell, Editor 7

Some of the finest times I’ve had on the water have been carefully scripted, if not entirely familiar. I can… more »

Tierra del Fuego

Land of Wine and Wind; Tierra del Fuego

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Giant brown trout are just one of the reasons to visit Tierra del Fuego, the island Magellan called the “Land… more »

Brown trout are most active in the low light of early morning and late evening, and these are the magic hours on the fabled waters of the Rio Grande  in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. R. Valentine Atkinson photo

Tierra del Fuego Revisited

by John Randolph 7

Beneath the wind and whitecaps: A game plan for sea-run success     I am haunted by rivers, too. And… more »


Big Louis in the Belize River

by Diana Rudolph 3

“We are looking for Big Louise!” Raul, my Belize River Lodge guide, exclaimed. I cringed a little bit because I… more »

Long Caye Island Outpost.

Belize at a Glance

by Diana Rudolph 0

El Pescador Lodge, Ambergris Caye I suppose there is a reason why I consider March a good month for kite… more »

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