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Land of Wine and Wind; Tierra del Fuego

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  November 13th, 2012 0

Giant brown trout are just one of the reasons to visit Tierra del Fuego, the island Magellan called the “Land of Fire.”


There’s a saying in Tierra del Fuego . . . “Bad weather, good fishing. Good weather, bad fishing.” So when you come to the Land of Fire bring your cold-weather gear, and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll have to fight the wind. The payoff could be huge.

The land that Ferdinand Magellan discovered is famous for both howling winds and the Rio Grande, a river that winds through a sagebrush landscape you might mistake for Wyoming if it weren’t for roaming guanacos, a native camelid that looks a lot like a llama. The broad Rio Grande is a freshwater tug-of-war between the rainy highlands and the ocean that hosts about 75,000 adult sea trout annually, strung out between Argentina’s tidewater and the tributaries of the upper river in Chile (For a scientific analysis of the river’s trout population).


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