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The Western Water Wolf – Pikeminnows

by Jonathan Wright 0

What if I told you that there exists an apex predator fish in the lower rivers of the southern Rockies… more »

Over the course of his 27 years leading the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, Orri Vigfússon did more to conserve and enhance salmon stocks than any other single person. Photo by Golli

Orri Vigfússon, Champion of Atlantic Salmon

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

When you catch a salmon in Iceland, Scotland, or Norway, you should raise your glass at the end of the… more »

Gray Drakes

Gray Drakes

by René Harrop 0

To most fly
fishers, any mayfly hatch is cause for celebration. The purity of a cast that matches the rhythm of… more »

Peter Gathercole

Summertime Fly Fishing

by Jonathan Wright 0

Summertime, and the fishing is easy! Well, maybe not easy, but certainly way fun, and the prime season for throwing… more »

Flip Pallot

Flip Pallot: A Spiritual Guide to the Importance of the Last 40 Feet

by Sarah Grigg 0

A Florida tarpon guide, a Montana cowboy, and a Native American beauty queen walk into a bank on the Crow… more »

Kiss Your Fish

Kiss Your Fish or Not

by Jonathan Wright 0

If you’ve fallen into the recently trendy habit of kissing your catch before release, you might want to think twice… more »


Tailwater Trout

by Jonathan Wright 0

Tailwater trout are stupid, and because of consistency in their environment are becoming more stupider every day. This is one… more »

Brian McGeehan Photo for Orvis

High Water Trout Fishing

by Jonathan Wright 0

You can run, but you can’t hide — high water is coming, or it’s already here. Fishing in early summer… more »

World Record Common Carp On The Fly

New World Record Common Carp On The Fly

by Jonathan Wright 0

The world record for Common Carp caught on a fly appears to have been smashed. Kurt Gutormson of South Dakota… more »


Tenkara Fishing

by Jonathan Wright 0

The subject of Tenkara fly fishing has gotten more recent coverage in the mainstream media, just in time for summer. … more »

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