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Attention Fly Anglers! Presidential Questions

by Jeff Simpson   |  August 24th, 2012 16

Sportsmen Vote is creating a custom survey for the candidates based on your presidential questions. This is your chance to ask the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney anything related to fly-fishing. Topics can include public access, fishing area closures, Clean Water Act, or any other fly fishing-related questions you might have.


If you could ask the presidential candidates any fly fishing question, what would it be? (Please ask your question in the comment section below.)

  • cameron ream

    how can you write or sign any bill that includes hunting,fishing,or shooting sports when both of you clearly have done none?

  • Dadoo

    do you support or oppose the Pebble Mine proposal?

  • Sayfu

    Mr. Romney. Obama has thrown more Middle Class folks into abject poverty than any President since the Great Depression. Folks that can no longer afford to enjoy the great outdoors such as fly fishing. How do you propose to correct this terrible economic demise we are in?

    • Skip Clement

      You're Tea Party is showing and in getting your facts wrong you show no exception. Here's the facts – go to Since you probably get all your misinformation from Faux News; I'll summarize the extent of "increased outdoor activity" for you during this handed down recession: 6.1 million American jobs, $646MM direct consumer spending, $39.9MM fes tax rev and $39mm state and local tax rev.

      • James

        Skip- If Obama's economic plans were doing well would you still state that the economy was "handed down"? My guess is that you would say that Obama was completely responsible for the economic conditions, and that my friend would make you a blind ideologue, and therefore your opinion is most likely illogical and therefore irrelevant. The reason we face such problems in our political environment is because people vote for parties and when their party is in charge they will find no fault, but when the opposing party is in charge all they will find is fault. Once we start judging politicians on an individual basis as opposed to party lines we will all be better off.

      • Jim

        Wow. Talk about distorting the facts. This is scary to think people are so ill informed. Too much msnbc. In four years Obama will have the US looking like Greece. Maybe a little more socialistic

    • David

      Sayfu. The unemployment rate in the GP was 24%. We have not come close to that. Your math and sense of history is like a story on Faux News.

  • Eric

    If you were fishing a spring creek during a summer mornings trico hatch, what length and weight of leader would you use?

  • Bob – Truck driver

    Dear President,can you find an out door job for all your relatives that now spend most of thier day composing left wing jibberish for the forum on Fly Fisherman Magazine.This magazine used to have a really great forum and a lot of great people contributed to it. I know where you grew up any fish was food so catch and release is as foreign to you as honesty is to a senator but in this country we still love the great outdoors and do our best to protect it. This magazine could return to it's roots if given a chance. Please get these people a job so they can expereance the rewards of hard work and freedom. Thanks and I would like to once again "be proud of this country".

  • zipperfly

    hiking a trout stream is a break from urban political bickering, I personally come to your site to forget about all the election nonsense and imagine casting on a crisp fall day. We can politicize everything from trout streams to suntan lotion, some of us need a respite from the insanity we call society!

    • dekay

      Thank you zipperfly. I am dissappointed that this site has become politicized. Fly fishing for me is a time for relaxation, introspection and the escape from the nastiness of what you call "urban political bickering". I wish the site would stick to what is does best—fly fishing.

  • Chris in Virginia

    It appears that this is not being taken seriously. Although I chuckle at many of these comments, I do have a serious question for the politicians.

    Access to waterways that pass through private property is a critical part of being able to exercise the freedom to engage in recreational fishing. As a resident of Virginia, I am keenly aware of what can happen when legal stream access is not clearly defined ( What can your administration do to make stream access fair and understandable for everyone?

  • James

    Dear Presidential candidates,

    If fly-fishing is anywhere on your platform radar during these trying economic times, please do not run for office. I would hope that you will address more important issues than whether or not I can fly fish on my neighbors property. We should probably leave minor issues like that to local public officials. I think you should both concern yourself with larger issues like the economy and turmoil in the Middle East. We can get to fishing when those are taken care of.

    Thank you.

  • dave flyfisher

    Dear pres and Romney, stay away from the rivers, PLEASE

  • FreeStonE

    Mr Romney, what specifically did you do to protect the herring population in Massachusetts? Why do you allow factory boats to take herring but the recreational angler can no longer take his/her 6 whole per WEEK? Also, the residents of Massachusetts do not approve of the installation of the 'Nantucket sound wind farm', you know this, but you allowed the project to be passed, why? Cape cod residents will not benefit from this wind farm, lower energy costs from it, and will get stuck with a compromised horizon in our area that depends on tourism. Also the navigational hazards created by these turbine installations, and the environmental disaster that will eventually occur after even a moderate ne hurricane will be dumped on the people, and sea creatures of cape cod. Oh yeah, the fact that it's a private company erecting and running the turbines, and the fact that they refuse to open their books, before the turbines are even in place should tell us all what kind of big business you are in bed with.

    President Obama, when these wind turbines fail and leak thousands of gallons of oil into the sea, will you still come to marthas vineyard for your vacation, even though the beaches will be ruined?

  • Mike

    Mr. Romney. There have been proposals for federal lands, e.g. national forests and parks, and BLM land, to be put under private management or given to states to manage. As a forester, I'd hate to see private management turn our national forests into giant pine plantations. What say will citizens, sound science and experienced land managers have protecting and managing those lands if put under private management? Will the former national parks be opened up to off road traffic under private management? Do I have to put up with Bubba tearing across El Capitan Meadow on an ATV while I'm trying to enjoy the view? If you say the federal government can't afford to manage public lands and they are turned over to the states, aren't you just putting the problem on the state's shoulders?

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