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Fly Fisherman’s Guide of the Year

by Fly Fisherman   |  April 17th, 2013 2

Guide of the YearWe’ve never had a “Guide of the Year” before, but this year we made an exception for . . . (drum roll please) HANK PATTERSON. Here is his gracious acceptance speech.

  • Your Skier Friend

    Jeeez… please let this die. There was ONE fairly funny video a while ago and since then a whole bunch of trying too hard and a whole lot of the same stuff. 45 seconds on how you dribble pee in your waders. A full minute on not being able to thread a small fly. We get it, Hank. Now he’s the face of Simms Ice Out, the film tour, a top speaker at every dumb event, and now… guide of the year… why?!?! Please stop pretending this is funny.

    • Kyle Moore

      I’ll tell you why… because he’s laugh-out-loud funny and now I know about Fly Fisherman magazine!

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