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New Sage Rod Series Has New Technology, Old-School Feel

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  June 28th, 2012 8

In the late 1980s Sage changed the world of performance fly rods by introducing rods that were stiffer, faster, and with “higher-modulus graphite.” Now, 25 years later, things may have come full circle as Sage pulls back the curtain on its newest fly rod series CIRCA.

According to Sage “The CIRCA collection reinvents the slow action rod category with a deliberately more relaxed casting tempo combined with a fast recovery, pinpoint accuracy and extraordinary overall performance. The CIRCA is the ultimate dry-fly rod that will enable anglers to maximize the dry fly fishing experience with all of the performance expected from a Sage rod.”

CIRCA rods  debuted at the EFTTEX show in Paris in June 2012 and won the Best Fly Rod award for 2012. Sage won the same award in 2011 for the ONE rod series that introduced Sage’s Konnetic Technology.

“Given the competition for the award, the CIRCA is clearly a pioneering product that will cause the industry to take notice. This is unlike any collection that Sage has ever offered and is the ideal rod to add to any dry-fly angler’s collection. I am extremely excited about this new and unique rod family. Konnetic technology is what has made it all possible.”

Konnetic technology packs more carbon fiber into a smaller diameter resulting in a radically narrow taper through the length of the rod.

In a video promoting the new series, rod designer Jerry Siem says the CIRCA has a “fishing tempo” like fiberglass or bamboo rods, but better tracking and accuracy.
“My goal for this rod was to apply the performance advantages of modern materials on a very sleek, slender shaft that would load down in the hand for a fishing tempo like glass, or bamboo while providing the crucial need for accuracy,” notes Sage Chief Fly Rod Designer, Jerry Siem. “The CIRCA is a rod that once it’s in your hands, enables you to improve as an angler by identifying where, why and how you can put a fly on the water. The CIRCA is definitely going to bring new life into the sport of trout fishing.”

With six different four-piece models in the collection from 2-weight through 5 weight, the CIRCA fly rods feature a Green Tea shaft color with Olive and Slate color trim wraps. The Vera wood insert with black aluminum reel seat and winding check pattern create an aesthetically pleasing combination. A custom Sage snub nose half-wells grip completes the rod that comes in a black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen in a 1 5/8” Desert Gold rod tube with a black cap.
The CIRCA rod collection will be available through Sage specialty dealers in August and September for a retail price ranging from $745 to $775.

Sage CIRCA – Fly Fishing with Advanced, Slow-Action Performance. from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo.

  • Brian Shaffer

    Why not just buy the old RP series ?

  • SteveL

    Loomis revolutionized flyrods long before Sage. The IMX is still one of the smoothest rods you'll ever through.

  • Dr. P

    I really like Sage rods. I have a few and I've fished them a lot. I still fish Sage SP rods, slow but with power, when I need line speed with a more relaxed stroke (my preference). This rod is a mystery. Why would I put my Winston WT, Sage RP and Scott G series rods, rods I've been fishing for decades for the precise reason that CIRCA was created, on a shelf to buy a CIRCA that costs this much money? I'll cast one of these but I find it hard to believe that it is a better dry fly rod than a WT or G. I'll believe that when I feel it.

  • Michael Stahlschmidt

    Have been a satisfied user of Sage flyrods since the mid nineties. I am sad to say that I am no more and have switched to other manufacturers. Of the three rods that I bought since 2006/2007 and the countless rods I handled since then, not a single one was without flaws. Hardcrome coating flaking off those pesky thin rings, varnish on the bindings that is either too thick or not even there and too often full of air bubbles, and disgracingly bad cork are the most prevalent problems. Of what use is best technology/design if the rods aren't built aesthetically pleasing/are cobbled together?!

    I sincerely hope that Sage, the rod manufacturer that I have admired for so long and that has been a part of my fishing life, addresses this to the good of all their stakeholders. Competition never sleeps.

  • j.e. mariani

    agree with all the above. I own many sage, scott winston and Temple fork rods. Enjoy the all.
    the fly rod industry now approximates the shaving/razor, and auto industry w/ new models every year or so each purporting to be the new ultimate. And usu. more numbers preceded by an X than our jet fighters.
    This rod is supposed to "improve your angling by identifying why, where, and how you can put a fly on the water" ? Please!
    That's alot to expect.
    FF readers could benefit from some objective, blinded, evaluations of $700.00+ dollar fly rods.
    Rather than shilling for the companies, and the mags advertisers.

  • guest

    No Steve, you are wrong, as usual. Loomis and sage revolutionized their fly rods almost at the same time. Loomis with their GLX (not IMX – that is also a good rod but weighs more because of its high weight) and SAGE with their RPL and SP (including super fast "plus" versions. No Orvis PM rules…:-((((

  • Nick

    Wow what a lot of downers!

  • Kyle Howard

    I finally got ahold of one of these to demo last month and found it to be well-weighted and smooth. It has a high-quality feel to it and seemed as responsive as advertised.

    However, it is not enough better than the Reddington rods I own to justify a $750 price tag. These Sage and Scott rods are outrageously priced in my opinion.

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