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Henry's Fork

Henry’s Fork Public Access at Risk

by Jonathan Wright 0

A wrinkle in a legal document regarding state ownership of a legendary section of the Henry’s Fork on the Snake… more »


Midges Drive Lake Health

by Jonathan Wright 0

Any tailwater trout fisherman worth this salt will tell you that midges are the go-to fly pattern — and the… more »

Thompson River steelhead are now officially considered endangered under Canada's Species At Risk Act (SARA). Russell Miller photo

Thompson River Steelhead Now Officially Endangered

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

  In the April-May 2018 issue of Fly Fisherman (on sale now) we reported that Thompson River steelhead are on… more »

2018 Cuda Bowl

Fly Angler Prevails at 2018 Cuda Bowl

by Jonathan Wright 0

They can be big, they can be bad, and if you don’t keep your wits about you, things can go… more »


Public Stream Access in Colorado Becomes Federal Issue

by Jonathan Wright 0

Public stream access in Colorado has once again become a contested issue, and this time it’s being argued in federal… more »

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

by Jonathan Wright 0

Bonefish have now been observed attempting to reproduce in captivity, a new development in marine fisheries science.  As reported by… more »


Ancient Lake Ontario Salmon Were Not Migratory

by Jonathan Wright 0

Ancient populations of Atlantic Salmon in Lake Ontario were completely landlocked, never venturing to the ocean, according to a recent… more »


Trout Bum Love: Granny and Jeff Currier

by Sarah Grigg 0

In 2015, I drove from Bozeman, Montana to Victor, Idaho—through the Madison Valley elk herd, by the monster trout of… more »

Mercury in Fish Pellets

Mercury in Fish Pellets Shift to Environment

by Jonathan Wright 0

Scientists in France have now identified that fish pellets used in hatcheries carry measurable levels of mercury — present in… more »

Chinook salmon at Austral Kings ( average 35 pounds, but fish over 50 pounds are caught weekly. More important, there are huge numbers of salmon visibly rolling through much of the prime season and they are chrome-bright and full of fight near tidewater. This photo originally appeared in the April-May 2017 issue of Fly Fisherman in the story "Rise of the Southern Kingdom." Ken Morrish photo

Salmon in Patagonia Show Diverse Lineage

by Jonathan Wright 0

Salmon in Patagonia have become big business, both for aquaculture and sportsmen. Deliberate and accidental introductions of pacific salmon in… more »

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