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Henry's Fork

Henry’s Fork Public Access at Risk

by Jonathan Wright

A wrinkle in a legal document regarding state ownership of a legendary section of the Henry’s Fork on the Snake… more »


Midges Drive Lake Health

by Jonathan Wright

Any tailwater trout fisherman worth this salt will tell you that midges are the go-to fly pattern — and the… more »


Freshwater Permit

by Oliver White

Fernando, the charismatic and passionate host at Asunta Lodge, says that pacus are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “freshwater permit.”… more »


Rise Forms

by Tom Rosenbauer

The part of each rise visible above the surface can be a swirl, a splash, a complete jump into the… more »

Presenting Flies to Steelhead

Steelhead Strategies

by John Larison

One of my favorite parts of guiding steelhead anglers has always been watching the glowing line swing across the blue… more »


New 2018 Fly Fishing Gear

by Fly Fisherman

Just in case you missed it, here are some highlights from the Fly Fisherman Gear Guide 2018. If you’re curious… more »

Predator Scandi

Tying the Predator Scandi

by Charlie Craven

Greg Senyo seems to be everywhere these days. He runs a guide service called Steelhead Alley Outfitters out of Holland,… more »

Yellowstone River

Liquid Treasure

by Paul Weamer

At the time of my first trip to the Yellowstone region, I was managing two fly shops for a fly-fishing… more »

Thompson River steelhead are now officially considered endangered under Canada's Species At Risk Act (SARA). Russell Miller photo

Thompson River Steelhead Now Officially Endangered

by Ross Purnell, Editor

  In the April-May 2018 issue of Fly Fisherman (on sale now) we reported that Thompson River steelhead are on… more »

Seriously North

Praying to the Fish Gods

by Ross Purnell, Editor

“Seriously North” (Trailer) – Official Selection, IF4™ 2018 from IF4™ on Vimeo. Have you ever experienced fishing that was so… more »

2018 Cuda Bowl

The 'Cuda Bowl!

by Jonathan Wright

They can be big, they can be bad, and if you don’t keep your wits about you, things can go… more »


Rise of the Southern Kingdom

by Ken Morrish

It is the last fishing session of the trip, and over the past two hours I have become absolutely certain… more »

FFMP-171200-GUY-001.jpg: FFMP-171200-GUY-001.jpg:

1 Guy With A Fly Rod

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Sweat dripped from my nose as I crouched in morbid curiosity to get a closer look at the biggest freshwater… more »


Who Owns the Stream Bottom?

by Jonathan Wright

Public stream access in Colorado has once again become a contested issue, and this time it’s being argued in federal… more »


The Crown Jewels of Puget Sound

by Leland Miyawaki

Eons ago, our native Coastal Cutthroat trout joined their cousins—rainbow trout and Pacific salmon—in swimming downstream to the food-rich waters… more »


Fishing the “Super Slam” on Catalina Island

by Ken Hanley

The fly line cut the water’s surface like a blade in a surgeon’s hand—quick, clean, and precise. While the yellowtail… more »


The Wild Wild East

by Mike Stanislaw & Nicholas Raftas

It’s one of the oldest river valleys in North America, and during an early October morning, the frost holds rein… more »

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

by Jonathan Wright

Bonefish have now been observed attempting to reproduce in captivity, a new development in marine fisheries science.  As reported by… more »


How to Select the Best Saltwater Leader

by Capt. Bruce Chard

In the last 25 years of guiding, the most common questions I get from fly fishers are about saltwater leaders…. more »

Picking a Fly Leader

Picking the Perfect Fly-Fishing Leader

by George Daniel

With your future boss, going on a first date, meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or presenting a… more »