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Women Are Better Than Men

by Jonathan Wright

I’m going to come right out and say it: Women are naturally better fly fishers than men. Angling with artificial… more »

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120 Days: A Big Fish Story

by Ross Purnell, Editor

In the climactic moments of the new Yeti film 120 Days, guide David Mangum is engaged in hand-to-hand combat with… more »

Capt. Eric Newman in what used to be a marsh made of roseau cane.

In some areas, 80 percent of the Delta's roseau cane is dead or gone, opening the door to massive erosion

by Jonathan Wright

A mysterious agricultural pest is laying waste to the coastline of Louisiana, and the potential consequences are dire.  The plague… more »

World’s Top Muskie Flies

World’s Top Muskie Flies

by Matt Straw

Sunken eyes stare up from a bony brow, casting a malevolent gaze on the angler that says, “I can take… more »

Lange Sisters

Lange Sisters Fight Cancer and Spread the Joy of Fly Fishing

by Sarah Grigg

When you’re raised on the fringe of Glacier National Park, there’s no telling where life will take you, but chances… more »

Super Floods

Is There A Superflood In Your Future?

by Jonathan Wright

Is there a Superflood in your future? Based on geologic records, scientists in the field of Paleo-Hydrology have uncovered evidence… more »

Tying the Parachute Damsel Adult

Trout will "crush" on this irressitable damsel

by Ross Purnell, Editor

There isn’t any dialogue in this beautiful little film by Sharptail Media, as there isn’t much to explain. Trout love… more »


Inhuman Spectacles

by Jonathan Wright

A new scientific development has just been unveiled that could potentially give fishermen an inhuman edge in fish spotting abilities…. more »

Beetle Fly For Trout

Beetle Up!

by Barry Beck

I watched from my perch on the bank high above New Zealand’s Hope river as the double-digit brown moved slowly… more »

American River California

American Dream

by MIchael Wier

I grew up in the Sacramento area, and first started fishing the American River with my dad when I was… more »

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Extinct Trout On The Rebound

by Jonathan Wright

In the last ten years, scientific evidence produced using state of the art genetic analysis showed that trout species previously… more »

First Mayflies

The Mighty Olive

by Jonathan Wright

Change is coming, spring is just around the corner, the early bird gets the worm, and you should have been… more »

Private To Public And Back Again

by Jonathan Wright

A small trout stream in West Virginia has been converted from a private fishery to a public resource. Over a… more »


Action Alert: Pebble Mine Rises From The Dead

by Jonathan Wright

One of the most long-standing and contentious environmental battles in recent memory has been provoked yet again following the installation… more »


Playing God in the Great Lakes

by Karl Weixlmann

Removing a dam on the Catt is (possibly) a good idea First there were the alewives, plankton-feeding pelagic baitfish that migrated… more »


Major Montana Access Win

by Jonathan Wright

A major lawsuit regarding public access to fishing water that was in contention for nearly 20 years has been brought… more »

Bahamas Regulations

New Bahamas Regulations

by Jonathan Wright

  New regulations regarding the fly fishing industry are going into effect in the Bahamas, and predictably, questions and objections… more »

Spey Tips for 2018

Top Spey Lines for 2018

by Jerry Darkes

Skagit Scout  Available in grain weights from 150 to 480, and in lengths of 13.5′ to 18.5’, the ultra-short Skagit… more »

Best New Fly Fishing Vests of 2018

Best New Fly Fishing Vests of 2018

by Brian Irwin

Redington First Run  This mesh fishing vest is the perfect solution for hot days, or as an affordable, well-designed starter… more »


Flats Bass

by Jerry Darkes

One of fly fishing’s greatest thrills is spotting, stalking, and casting to a fish. The anticipation and suspense prior to… more »