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Adventursome Personalities in Trout

by Jonathan Wright

According to a recently released study, scientists at Exeter University in England have determined that Guppies have distinct individual personalities. … more »


Ghetto Bass

by Jay Zimmerman

As an old sport, fly fishing carries with it many traditions, customs, and ingrained romantic notions that may or may… more »

Fly Fishing Redfish

Running of the Bulls

by Landon Mayer

Redfish stocks were at one time seriously depleted due to their unprecedented appearance on restaurant menus across the country, but… more »

Restoring Saltwater Flats

Restoring Saltwater Flats

by Jonathan Wright

A recent study from the University of Queensland in Australia, released through the online scientific journal PLOSone, has analyzed the… more »

Big Tailwater Browns

Flies and Strategies for Big Tailwater Browns

by Blane Chocklett

The access points are already busy at 7 a.m. as guides and their clients prepare to fish in time for… more »


The Great Atlantic Escape

by Jonathan Wright

The dust is beginning to settle in the aftermath of a massive and widely reported marine aquaculture failure in northern… more »

Big Bugs Trout Eat

Big Bugs Trout Eat

by Eric Paulson

Biggie, I am worn out,” I declared to one of my favorite fishing buddies and oarsmen, Josh Stanish aka Biggie…. more »


13 Great Pike Flies

by Matt Straw

Pike live in a green chiaroscuro. Their own green coloration adds to the effect while hiding them perfectly. Pike, therefore,… more »

Bug Blueprints

Bug Blueprints

by Fly Fisherman

Trout eat a host of aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, other fish, crustaceans, leeches, worms, and other foods. The food items… more »

Sea-run brook trout in Hudson Bay

Aurora Fontinalis: Sea-run brook trout in Hudson Bay tributaries

by Brian Irwin

No one.” That was Stewart Webber’s response when I asked who else had fished the upper Menahook River, south of… more »


Going One on One with Ryan Zinke

by Jonathan Wright

A spokesman for wild lands and rivers met one on one with newly minted Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke… more »

Reading the Water

Reading the Water

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Locating fish is the first step to a successful outing. In moving water, predatory fish hold in the same types… more »


Battle At Boxwood: Big Trout, Support For Project Healing Waters

by Fly Fisherman

The 7th Annual Battle at Boxwood saw Project Healing Waters veterans, local fishing guides, and plenty of big fish. The… more »


Whales Eat Juvenile Salmon

by Jonathan Wright

As reported by,  Humpback whales in Southeast Alaska have been observed deliberately pursuing and eating freshly released hatchery raised… more »

Tweaking the Adams Fly

Tweaking the Adams Fly

by Charlie Craven

To me, one of the most compelling things about tying flies is that no matter how long you’ve done it… more »


The Western Water Wolf – Pikeminnows

by Jonathan Wright

What if I told you that there exists an apex predator fish in the lower rivers of the southern Rockies… more »

Over the course of his 27 years leading the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, Orri Vigfússon did more to conserve and enhance salmon stocks than any other single person. Photo by Golli

The Founder of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) Passes Away

by Ross Purnell, Editor

When you catch a salmon in Iceland, Scotland, or Norway, you should raise your glass at the end of the… more »

Moth Larvae

When Moth Larvae Shine

by Barry Beck

Terrestrial or land-born insects play an important role in the diets of trout throughout the season. These food items include… more »

Crane Flies, Damselflies, and Mice

Stand Out in a Crowd

by Landon Mayer

I will never forget the fall day I witnessed one of the largest BWO hatches I’ve ever seen on the… more »

Dry-Fly Hackle

Wrapper’s Delight

by Charlie Craven

I often say that fly tying is merely a vast collection of techniques. There are so many, it’s difficult to… more »