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Blue River Beauty


I landed this beauty on the Blue River in Colorado. My Uncle planned this great family winter fly fishing trip and we all caught some really nice fish, but this one took the cake. It was literally a “one last cast” scenario. My cousin, Kevin, and I were working and casting upstream on a beautiful stretch as you can see from the photo. It was just before dark and my cousin called it quits, hooked up and yelled “let’s go” and started hiking toward the truck (we did have a great dinner planned and nice cold beer waiting for us) but I noticed a deep pocket hole with a perfect seam for one last cast. I got into position, made a good cast, maintained a great presentation and BOOM! I couldn’t believe the strength of the fish I had on the line. I yelled at my cousin…thank god he was close enough to hear me because I don’t think I could have landed this baby by myself. As soon as Kevin ran back to help, he saw this beauty roll and jump and I thought he was going into shock. Thankfully, we kept our cool and after a long hard fight with this monster Kevin netted it. We couldn’t believe it. High fives…great photo…nice release….gotta love Colorado.

Michael Velarde
303.810.6796 mobile

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