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beyond the horizon

Road to Redemption

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Rankin Jackson could have been killed or consumed by the “push” of the drug trade in Honduras but instead he… more »


The Bonefish Migration Along Abaco Island

by Oliver White 0

The best thing about a life lived outdoors is the opportunity to experience moments of greatness in nature. These are… more »

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

Bonefish Spawning in Captivity

by Jonathan Wright 0

Bonefish have now been observed attempting to reproduce in captivity, a new development in marine fisheries science.  As reported by… more »

Guanaja Bonefish

by President Jimmy Carter 0

Rebuilding the mangrove ecosystem of a Honduras flats paradise My wife, Rosalynn, and I were in Argentina in October 1998… more »

Fly Fishing Bonefish

Fly Fishing Bonefish Out Your Back Door

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

  I cursed, laughed, muttered to myself, and verbally cajoled the bonefish to take my fly. All around me they… more »


Fly Fishing In Cuba

by George Anderson 0

Think about a place where you can fish more than 100 miles of flats without seeing another fisherman, a place… more »

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.47.30 AM

Bonefish and Their Secret Lives

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Dana Dribben captured this underwater footage of bonefish feeding on the grass flats near the boat launch of Deep Water… more »


Bahama Fly Fishing Resorts

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Schooner Bay, Abaco, is a utopian harbor town being carefully developed by Swedish developer Orjan Lindroth. Congo Town on Andros… more »

FFB109 (800x600)

Bonefish Get Big In Hawaii

by Bruce Chard 0

 Dan Kauffman Photo I don’t think it’s a secret that there are some of the largest bonefish in the world… more »

Louis Cahill Photography

Landing Bonefish While Wading

by Bruce Chard 0

Louis Cahill Photo Trying to land salt water fish, even smaller ones like landing Bonefish, if done incorrectly can result… more »

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