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Dickey’s Mighty Mantis Fly

by Bruce Chard   |  November 14th, 2011 0

Check this little bug out.  Capt Joel Dickey (Master Fly Tier) has been kind enough to share this killer bonefish and permit fly with us.  Joel is a full-time Florida Keys Flats Guide and lives on Big Pine Key.  Its a great fly to have on the rod if you are on a flat where you expect to run into both permit and bonefish.  Tie one up!

Dickey’s Mighty Mantis..
First tie in  lead eyes… Size can range from bead chain to large depending on depth you are fishing…
2. Tie in Enrico Puglisi crab eyes
3. Tie in 5 or 6 strands of root beer crystal flash.
4. Tie in 4 shrimp tan silly legs
5. Tie in a pinch of brushed out craft fur (tan)
6. Palmer the Enrico puglisi streamers brush in color of choice.. tan for this particular fly.
7. Tie in weed guards.
8. Use a sharpie to bar the craft fur.
The size of hook can range from 4-1/0 on your favorite bonefish hook.

Capt Joel Dickey – 305-619-7769 –



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