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Fly Fishing Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Fly Fishing Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

by Fly Fisherman 7

America’s most popular fish: Fly Fishing Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass       Smallmouth and largemouth bass might be America’s… more »

What Do Trout Eat

What Do Trout Eat

by Fly Fisherman 4

Beginner bug blueprints—mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, midges, terrestrials, and more of what trout eat     Trout eat a host of… more »


Stripers Love Squid In The Rips

by John Field 0

The scene of jumping squid and striped bass recurs in my imagination when I’m off the water, and has kept… more »


Catch-22x: Tippet Sizes

by Bob Scammell 0

Five years ago, just after I caught and released the largest brown trout of my life, I also received the… more »


Tube Flies For Steelhead

by Jay Nichols 1

By: Jay Nichols Tube flies—flies tied on metal or plastic tubes rather than the shank of a hook—have been around since… more »


Fly Hatch Made Easy

by Ben Ardito 0

What are they taking?” It’s one of fly fishing’s most frequently asked questions, and for some anglers, the search for… more »

Photo | Emily Whitlock

Texas Hill Country Bass

by Dave and Emily Whitlock 0

    Being a lifelong Oklahoma Sooners fan, I was never too excited about going to Austin, Texas, until I… more »

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