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Stripers Love Squid In The Rips

by John Field 0

The scene of jumping squid and striped bass recurs in my imagination when I’m off the water, and has kept… more »


B.C.’s Best Dry-Fly Fishing

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Just north of the Canada/U.S. border, about three hours from Spokane, Washington, is perhaps the best-kept trout secret in North… more »


Catch-22x: Tippet Sizes

by Bob Scammell 0

Five years ago, just after I caught and released the largest brown trout of my life, I also received the… more »


Tying With Marabou

by Fly Fisherman 0

  Tying with marabou is one of the most beautiful, useful natural materials available to fly tiers. Use it to… more »

Dean River Chinook salmon

Date with a King Salmon

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

The last “real” Chinook salmon I caught were on the Alagnak River in the late 1990s. They were chrome fish… more »


Fly Tying: Hollow Fleyes

by David W. Skok 1

One of the greatest fly tying challenges has always been creating a large nonfouling fly, with a profile similar to a… more »


Goddard’s 20 Fly Tying Tips

by D. L. Goddard 0

Manual dexterity, fly-tying techniques, and skill come from observation and lots of practice. Good fly design comes from imagination and… more »


The New Montana Madison River

by Greg Thomas 0

One thing I’ve noticed through my years of writing about trout water is that every time the quality of fishing… more »


Sculpin Fly Pattern

by Chuck Stranahan 1

Sculpins are plentiful in rivers. Big fish eat little fish all the time. Fish sculpins long enough and hard enough,… more »

Photo   Zach Matthews

Among The Hogs, Arkansas Trout

by Zach Matthews 1

Woooooo! Pig! Sooooiiiieeee!” The tinny crackle of the radio broadcast sounded weakly from under the drift boat seat. One hundred… more »

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