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The author took this Trinity River hen steelhead on an orange Psycho Prince, but purple may be the most popular color among steelheaders. Photo Mike Mercer

Psycho Prince

by Mike Mercer 5

Getting crazy with an all-time classic     If I had to choose one fly to use for trout anywhere… more »

Photo Doug McKnight

The Home Invader

by Doug Mcknight 12

Big fish eat streamers for mostly two reasons: hunger or territoriality, and many times both. In the past, I’ve read… more »

Avalon Permit Fly

Avalon Permit Fly

by Hans Van Klinken 20

Secret ingredient to a Cuba grand slam     I recently caught my first saltwater grand slam—a permit, tarpon, and… more »

Finishing Flies Using Permanent Waterproof Markers

Finishing Flies Using Permanent Waterproof Markers

by Charlie Craven 1

Fly tying, when done well, is often referred to as an art—so it comes as no surprise to me that… more »


The Kinky Muddler

by Jonny King 7

The Muddler Minnow is one of those archetypal fly patterns that reinvents itself each generation. While it began life as… more »


Fly Tying Craven Mole Fly

by Charlie Craven 1

When I think of the Mole Fly, I can’t help but remember the adage that you can’t judge a book… more »


Fly Tying The Morrish Mouse

by Ross Purnell, Editor 4

Fly Tying The Morrish Mouse Although my Morrish Mouse swimming through the riffles didn’t have ears, nose, and whiskers on… more »


Tying With Marabou

by Fly Fisherman 0

  Tying with marabou is one of the most beautiful, useful natural materials available to fly tiers. Use it to… more »


Tube Flies For Steelhead

by Jay Nichols 1

By: Jay Nichols Tube flies—flies tied on metal or plastic tubes rather than the shank of a hook—have been around since… more »


2012 Tippet Shootout

by James Anderson 8

Lee Wulff was once asked, “What is the greatest improvement you’ve seen in fly fishing?” His reply, “The tippet.” In… more »

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