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by Dave and Emily Whitlock 1

The riffle gradually smoothed into a foamy green run, except for several swirling breaks as the water flowed over a… more »

Fly Fishing For Trout

Fly Fishing For Trout

by Fly Fisherman 17

How to catch trout on nymphs, streamers, and drys         Now that you know the food items… more »

Trout In Arkansas

Trout In Arkansas

by Zach Matthews 1

Woooooo! Pig! Sooooiiiieeee!” The tinny crackle of the radio broadcast sounded weakly from under the drift boat seat. One hundred… more »

Fly Fishing For Bass

Fly Fishing For Bass

by Fly Fisherman 0

  Smallmouth and largemouth bass might be America’s most popular gamefish—and for good reason. These hardy, stocky predators smash lures… more »


Tying With Marabou

by Fly Fisherman 0

  Tying with marabou is one of the most beautiful, useful natural materials available to fly tiers. Use it to… more »


Nymph Rods

by Ross Purnell, Editor 0

Don’t Pigeonhole the Nymph Game Euro nymphing. Czech nymphing. High-sticking. Tight-line nymphing. We’re fly fishers, and as our boxes of… more »


Fly Hatch Made Easy

by Ben Ardito 0

What are they taking?” It’s one of fly fishing’s most frequently asked questions, and for some anglers, the search for… more »

The key to French nymphing is contact with the flies, and ultimately the  fish. Photo Todd Kaplan

French Nymphing; Techniques and Equipment

by Bret Bishop 5

  [French nymphing was spurred by competition fly fishers on the world championship circuit. Take it or leave it, but… more »


Croston on Czech/French Nymphing

by John Randolph 22

In mid-October longtime British fishing champion and Hardy & Greys Ltd. Category Manager Game,  Howard L. Croston demonstrated to 10 expert fly fishers why… more »

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