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Fish in a stream look for places where they can find shelter from the current, hide from predators, and still be close to good feeding opportunities. The 12 locations identified here are only a sample of some of the places you’ll find trout, bass, and other gamefish in a stream. KEY: 	1 	Depth Change 	2	Backeddy 	3 	Current Seam 	4 	Tributary 	5 	Undercut Bank 	6 	Overhanging  		Vegetation 	7 	In Front of a Rock 	8 	Bank Obstruction 	9 	Riffle 	10 	Tail of a Pool 	11 Head of a Pool 	12 Behind a Rock

Finding Fish (In A Stream)

by Fly Fisherman 4

Learning how to read the water     Finding fish is the first step to a successful outing. In moving water,… more »

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