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Deep Water Cay Stand Up Paddle Board Bonefish

by Ross Purnell, Editor   |  November 21st, 2011 137

I just finished writing a feature article on Deep Water Cay, Bahamas, called “Bonefish Out Your Back Door.” The thrust of the story is that you can have great guided fishing many places in the Bahamas, but at Deep Water Cay, you can walk/wade 50 yards from the dock and have tailing bonefish every morning and evening.
Todd Platt is the outdoor pursuits manager at Deep Water Cay, and a bonefish junkie. He uses kayaks and (here) a stand-up paddle board to chase the nearby bonefish which are all around the island. This is his video. (The hook-up is at 7:18 if you are the type who likes to skip the preamble.)
Watch for the printed story in the Feb-Mar 2012 issue which goes on sale around Jan. 1.

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