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Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Prespawn In California

by John G. Sherman   |  March 16th, 2012 1

Mid March to mid April tend to be the best time to catch a Giant Largemouth!

In search of a Giant. March and April are great times to score a trophy Largemouth Bass!

In California there is so many other fish to chase (start of the good trout season, steelhead are in full swing, big stripers are prowling, surf fishing is happening etc..) the Big Bass season often gets over looked or postponed by fly fishers.

I have been fishing with one of the top conventional bass pros Bobby Barrack, with hopes of learning some new techniques to adapt to the long rod..  Bobby continues to amaze me with how many big bass he pulls out on each trip.  The more time I spend with hard core gear guys the more admiration I have for them.  They are possessed chasing one species of fish and have dozens of techniques to get them to grab.  I’ve seen tournaments in the Ca Delta this time of year that requires 40lbs for 5 fish to win the tournament!!  8 lbs average per fish!!  Amazing.  In my 30 years of Bass fishing I’ve never had a day like that with a fly rod.  My mission is to close the gap and evolve some of the techniques I’ve seen from the top gear pro’s into fly rod techniques. Each day on the water is a day in the class room!  The goal is to land a 10lb bass on the fly..  Hopefully this is the season it happens!!

A ton can be learned by fishing with gear guys! Here Bobby Barrack shows a Delta Toad


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