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Whitefish Video

by Lance Egan   |  November 18th, 2011 2

WARNING!  This video contains mild fish contact and body language!  Please use caution when viewing.

In this 4 minute clip there are a couple of small Brown Trout trying to hang near the Whitefish.  As the Whitey feeds the Browns get closer than he’d like and pushes them out of his feeding zone with some mild contact and body language.

My special effects director is Mother Nature as she provided the penetrating light reflecting off of suspended particles in the water column.  It makes some crazy pillars of light that extend toward the river bottom.  It looks pretty cool in HD!

Also of note, check out how fast the surface current moves compared to the flow near the bottom.  The leaves drifting near the river bed move much slower than the leaves at the surface.  Get your flies down and slow them down!  The Whitey also uses the “cushion” of water near the bottom to its advantage.  Very little energy is expended while holding position in the feeding zone.

Please leave comments below if you see something cool that I overlooked.

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