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Wading Safety

Simms RiverTek Boa

by Fly Fisherman   |  January 24th, 2012 0

When laces freeze/thaw over the course of a day of winter steelheading, they
invariably come untied. Then you have the misfortune of removing your
gloves, and attempting to tie wet, half-frozen laces. Try tying on a new fly
after that. In three years of using this cable system on different brands of
wading boots, and footwear for other outdoors pursuits, our testers report
that the Boa Lacing System never comes untied, the stainless steel cables do
not break, you can “tie” them up wearing mittens, and uniform tightness
provides superior comfort and performance over laces. The Simms RiverTek Boa
(, $170) is also “greener” because porous traditional
laces‹and the myriad eyelets and hooks that accompany them‹are hard to clean
and prone to carrying aquatic nuisances such as didymo or whirling disease.
Keeping with the easy-to-clean theme, the rest of the boot is completely
synthetic with a full rubber toe cap, and lined with closed-cell Neoprene on
the inside for maximum comfort.

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