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American Salmon In Peril from Obama’s Plan

by John Larison   |  January 18th, 2012 1

On Friday, President Obama announced a plan to consolidate NOAA, the organization that oversees salmon policy in the Columbia Watershed and elsewhere, with the Department of the Interior–home of the Bureau of Reclamation, the very folks that work to build dams like Grand Coulee and enact policies that ensure precious water goes to unsustainable farms like those in the Klamath River Basin that grow grass seed (largely for the Chinese market). ┬áThe Consolidation Plan moves NOAA from the Commerce Department–where it didn’t really belong either–and puts it on intimate terms with the very people NOAA should be fighting to stop.


Salmon killed when water was diverted from the Klamath River by the Bureau of Reclamation. Image courtesy of

NOAA hasn’t been doing much to protect salmon anyway these last three years, largely continuing the policies of the Bush Administration (what happened to our promised CHANGE?), but this latest announcement has salmon advocates worried NOAA may become even less effective.

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