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Steelhead West Coast

Bucket Buster Fly

by John Larison   |  September 8th, 2015 0

Bucket Buster FlyI spend a lot of time fishing fast mountainous rivers for winter steelhead, places where the fish often hold deep under a tongue of raging current.  Some of my favorite runs are eight to twelve feet deep, requiring precise casts, long leaders, and well-engineered flies.

The Bucket Buster is a favorite of mine for probing deep lies.  The rear-placement of the barbell eyes ensures the fly sinks rear-first, a more hydrodynamic position, and the stiff–but sparsely tied–materials ensures an undulating profile once the fly comes into swing.

I tie this pattern in about a dozen color combinations, from pink and hot orange to black and green.

Fishing this pattern properly requires a high cast, a long leader, and a minimum of mends.  For more information on presenting the Bucket Buster effectively, see the feature article I wrote called “Skagit Secrets” in the current issue of Fly Fisherman magazine.

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