Distance Casting In Salt Water Tip #1

Distance Casting

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 Having good distance casting in the salt can help you take advantage some far off opportunities.  Although a far distance cast is not always needed In the salt like some might think it is important to be able to make a far cast if needed.

My favorite saying "You get out of it what you put into it" is important to remember when making a distance cast.  If you put some power into it your cast will go farther. If you are making a short cast you don't need as much power to make that cast.

Adding lots of power during a distance cast is essential to help load the rod deeply to store the energy needed to make a far cast in the salt.  How do we add more power?

The best way is with the double haul.  The double haul is the most efficient way to add power to your cast.  With a double haul you can increase line speed and power with just the movement of your line hand during false casting.

Here are some other ways to add more power to your cast that will in return help you make a farther and easier distance cast.  We will talk in depth about all these topics in future posts.

  • Increase the tempo/Line speed of your cast
  • Increase your stroke length
  • Simply apply more strength or power with your body and arm
  • Snapping your wrist at the right time will help add line speed and power
  • Having a tight loop
  • Having a good stiff leader with the correct diameter butt section connection to your fly line

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