The Ketchum Release

Waterworks-Lamson is well known for their quality reels but have you seen their "Ketchum Release"? The Ketchum Release is a tool designed to simplify the process of removing a hook from a fish. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend giving one a whirl. I find they are priceless in several ways.

First, the Ketchum Release saves you money in flies by using the metal bend of the hook as leverage rather than the body of the fly which is commonly torn to shreds by forceps or hemostats. Avoid removing the hook with forceps and you'll instantly see your flies lasting much longer.

Second, the Ketchum Release works without touching the fish. Every time we remove the protective slime from a fish we leave portions of their body susceptible to parasites and infections. Touching the fish will take some of this protective layer away so if possible it is best for the fish to leave them untouched.

Third, the Ketchum Release is KILLER for winter fishing. Anyone who's fished in weather < 40 degrees knows how tough it is to keep your hands warm when they are repeatedly getting wet. The Ketchum Release minimizes the amount of water contacting our hands because releasing fish with the tool doesn't require wetting your hands. Check out this 1 minute video showing a release with the Ketchum Release. The air temperature during filming is 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a touch of wind. Wet hands quickly become frozen hands in this weather.

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