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by Ross Purnell, Editor

Fly fishing is a journey of discovery. Discovering what type of insects those rising trout are feeding upon. Finding an… more »


Fly Fishing Peacock Bass

by John G. Sherman

The Amazon’s best bet for 20-pound peacock bass My hands were still shaking, and my right arm felt as though… more »


The Gros Ventre

by Brian Irwin

A revitalized DIY cutthroat trout stream at the gates of Grand Teton National Park The hamlet of Kelly, Wyoming is… more »


Jungle Recovery

by Ross Purnell, Editor

While floods have ravaged the two best-known fly-fishing lodges in the golden dorado waters of Bolivia’s Tsimane Rainforest, local aboriginal… more »

Guanaja Bonefish

by President Jimmy Carter

Rebuilding the mangrove ecosystem of a Honduras flats paradise My wife, Rosalynn, and I were in Argentina in October 1998… more »


12 Proven Steelhead Flies

by Matt Straw

What is the perfect steelhead fly? The answer requires a look: At the calendar; Out the window; At the river… more »


El Camino: Fly Tying Pattern By Andrew Grillos

by Charlie Craven

I have to admit I’ve never been fond of the term “guide flies.” Maybe it’s just in my head, but… more »


The Permit Curse

by Oliver White

When something can go wrong, it will go wrong Cruising to the next flat, my guide Chico catches sight of… more »


the Hoh River

by Eric Paulson

A run of priceless giant wild steelhead is being sold for $9 per pound Wild steelhead protection in the Pacific… more »


Myth-Busting: Sun Exposure Dangers

by Rich Bach

Here are some commonly held beliefs about sun protection, which are shared by many anglers. Only problem is, they’re false…. more »

Pickup Lines illustration by Joe Mahler

Fly Fisherman Illustrator Wins Major Award

by Ross Purnell, Editor

FLY FISHERMAN author/illustrator Joe Mahler received both a first and a second place award from the Outdoor Writer’s Association of… more »


Exploring the Uinta Mountains

by Brett Prettyman

Utah’s largest wilderness area remains mostly untapped by fly fishers Some anglers spend their lives trying different waters to soak… more »


Jig Hooks for Bead Heads

by Charlie Craven

“Lead the bull by the nose” with the Iron Lotus nymph Some new techniques and materials come onto the fly-tying… more »


The Ultimate Articulated Baitfish Pattern

by Ross Purnell, Editor

For decades, fly fishers have tried to create fly patterns that swim and move in the water like a real… more »


Orvis Recon

by Ross Purnell, Editor

The Orvis Recon was recognized as the “Best Mid-Priced Rod” in the Fly Fisherman 2015 Gear Guide after the rod… more »

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Celebrity Trout

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Long-lived brown trout can live in the same spot a decade or longer On the cover of the Aug.-Sep. 2014… more »

Blake Boyd photo

Super Spinner Fall

by Ross Purnell, Editor

A little over a year ago I sat in Lefty’s Kreh’s living room and he told me about his recent trip… more »


The Kinky Muddler

by Jonny King

The Muddler Minnow is one of those archetypal fly patterns that reinvents itself each generation. While it began life as… more »

Steelhead and salmon are anadromous which means they hatch in fresh water, the young migrate to the ocean or a large lake where they grow to maturity; then the adult fish return to freshwater rivers and streams to spawn and the salmon die. Ross Purnell Photo

Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon

by Fly Fisherman

How to catch the fish of a lifetime fly fishing steelhead and salmon     Steelhead and salmon are anadromous… more »

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.44.01 AM

Zach Dalton of RIO Products shows how to weld a loop in a T material sinking tip

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Welding a Fly Line Loop Several companies sell customizable lengths of T material you can cut yourself to get just the… more »