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Private To Public And Back Again

by Jeff Simpson

A small trout stream in West Virginia has been converted from a private fishery to a public resource. Over a… more »


Action Alert: Pebble Mine Rises From The Dead

by Jonathan Wright

One of the most long-standing and contentious environmental battles in recent memory has been provoked yet again following the installation… more »


Playing God in the Great Lakes

by Karl Weixlmann

Removing a dam on the Catt is (possibly) a good idea First there were the alewives, plankton-feeding pelagic baitfish that migrated… more »


Major Montana Access Win

by Jonathan Wright

A major lawsuit regarding public access to fishing water that was in contention for nearly 20 years has been brought… more »

Bahamas Regulations

New Bahamas Regulations

by Jonathan Wright

  New regulations regarding the fly fishing industry are going into effect in the Bahamas, and predictably, questions and objections… more »

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A Pioneer Catch & Release

by Jonathan Wright

A pioneer of the Catch – and – Release movement has died.  Bud Lilly, 91, passed away peacefully on January… more »

Rich Simms

Rich Simms: Conservationist of the Year

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Wild Steelhead Coalition gets $10,000 from Sage, Redington, and RIO to pursue more protections for native PNW steelhead Fly Fisherman… more »

Guide Jeff Forsee and Fly Fisherman editor Ross Purnell with a 55-inch taimen from the Delger River.

The Hunt for Giant Mongolia Taimen

by Ross Purnell, Editor

[This is an short excerpt from the feature story “The One Path” in the Feb.Mar. 2017 issue of Fly Fisherman…. more »

Fly Fishing the Gunnison Country

Fly Fishing the Gunnison Country review

by Jonathan Wright

A new guidebook to one of the most unique trout fisheries in the country has just been published, and it… more »

Single Use Water Bottles

Single Use Water Bottles

by Jonathan Wright

Any Fly Fisherman worth his stripes picks up trash when he or she is on the water.  Apparently it’s in… more »

Decreasing Mercury Levels In Bluefin Tuna

Decreasing Mercury Levels In Bluefin Tuna

by Jonathan Wright

Bluefin tuna in the north Atlantic are showing decreasing mercury levels over the last 25 years, and reduced industrial usage… more »


Action alert! Mt. Polley mine disaster

by Jonathan Wright

The Mt. Polley mine disaster of 2014 in British Columbia continues to be an unresolved catastrophe for local residents and… more »


Tarpon Caviar

by Capt. Bruce Chard

Florida’s insane palolo worm hatch Whether you’re dreaming about the world-famous salmonfly bonanza that sends Madison River rainbows into a… more »


The Endless Hatch

by Brett Wedeking

There is no “Off” season on California’s Yuba River After a long winter of frozen digits and fading visual acuity… more »

Wildfires Threaten Angling

SE Wildfires Threaten Angling Resources

by Jonathan Wright

A spate of wildfires raging in wildlands and National Forests across western North Carolina, northern Georgia and northern Alabama are… more »


2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Fly Fisherman

Check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the fly fisher in your life. ❱ Patagonia Sunshade 
Technical Hoody—This functional… more »


The Totoaba

by Jonathan Wright

Ah, November.  That time of year where American fishermen — outside of tailwater trout bums and winter steelhead junkies —… more »

Snake River Salmonids

New Plan for the Snake River Salmonids

by Jonathan Wright

Federal fisheries managers recently unveiled a comprehensive plan to restore runs of Salmon and Steelhead in the Snake river drainage… more »

NY Salmon Poaching Bust

NY Salmon Poaching Bust!

by Jonathan Wright

On Wednesday, November 2, law enforcement officials made a midnight bust of a massive poaching infraction on one of New… more »

Shoshone River Sediment Spill

Shoshone River Sediment Spill

by Jonathan Wright

Another major man-made river disaster has occurred in the greater Yellowstone region, this time on the Shoshone River near Cody,… more »