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Diesel Fuel in the Delaware

by Rob Jagodzinski

A train derailment spilled some 4,000 gallons of diesel into the West Branch of the Delaware River, New York State… more »

Fishing an Ant Fall

Small Bites

by Jim McLennan

What are the most valuable bugs in your dry-fly box—the ones that get you the most business, in the most… more »


Kings of August

by Matt Straw

The famous running of the bulls takes place in Pamplona, where grown men suffer themselves to be chased down tight… more »

Game Changer Fly

Get a Spine

by Blane Chocklett

As a full-time guide on the James, New, and Roanoke Rivers in Virginia for trout, bass, stripers, and muskies, I… more »

Clown Shoe Caddis

Clown Shoe Caddis

by Charlie Craven

I have been extremely lucky in my lifetime to have met and known a lot of great fly tiers. Traveling… more »


Occupying the Skeena

by Steven Hawley

Don Wesley tells me he’s a lucky man. He’s a hereditary Chief of the Gitwilgyoots, one of nine allied tribes… more »

South Fork Anglers

Southern Colorado in Hot Water

by Jonathan Wright

Anglers, guides and trout in Southern Colorado are all toughing it out this season in an exceptional drought.  A combination… more »


Why a Native Fish Coalition?

by Ted Williams

For most Americans, including the majority of anglers, fisheries managers, and environmental groups, fish don’t count as wildlife. Fish are… more »


Waterproof Packs for 2018

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Whether you are deep wading a river in the Pacific Northwest, or wading the flats on the west side of Andros,… more »

Snake River

Cutthroat Universe

by Boots Allen

The greater Yellowstone area is a storied land in the world of fly fishing. Even today, after more than a… more »

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Presidential Piscatorial Pursuits

by Jonathan Wright

Q: What do Barack Obama and Donald Trump Jr. have in common? A: They each like to go fly fishing!… more »

Dan Vermillion Guide School

Guide School

by Hilary Hutcheson

From the rooter to the pooter.” It’s a phrase used by BBQ pork aficionados, and translates to using all parts… more »


Micro Spey Tactics for Trout

by Jonathan Wright

Spey is one of the older styles of fly fishing, having origins in the British Isles, and specifically, Scotland, where… more »

Mayfly Nymph

Trigger Nymphs

by George Daniel

Trout have brains the size of a pea. They are capable of eating all available food sources, but sometimes they… more »


Like Father, Like Son: Inherit the Salt

by Capt. Bruce Chard

I’ve been a Florida Keys flats guide for more than 25 years, and last year my son BJ Chard decided… more »

beyond the horizon

Expedition to the Caye Cajones

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Rankin Jackson could have been killed or consumed by the “push” of the drug trade in Honduras but instead he… more »


That Guy Fly Fishing on the National Mall

by Jonathan Wright

(DISCLAIMER / TRIGGER WARNING: The following story contains references to both politics and fly fishing for a specific invasive species. … more »


The Most Radical Guides in America?

by Jonathan Wright

Guides and outfitting services in America come in all flavors.  Rivers and lakes require almost completely different skill sets on… more »

Perfect Fly

Beauty From Within

by Charlie Craven

Fly tying, like fly fishing itself, is loaded with infinitesimal details. I’m convinced that’s why it attracts all of us…. more »

Yellowstone River

DEQ has to take a closer look at gold mine impact

by Ross Purnell, Editor

  Opponents of a proposed mine near the entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Montana’s Paradise Valley won a  legal victory… more »