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Fly Casting: Self Starting

by Fly Fisherman

Simple steps to deliver your fly to the fish Casting a spinning rod and casting a fly line share one… more »

Fish Weight Estimator

Weighing Your Fish without Using a Scale

by Michael Larkin, PH.D.

Fishermen may keep their spots a secret, but I haven’t met a fisherman yet that was shy about talking about… more »

Intelligent Design

by George Kesel

Modify your leader to meet changing conditions I believe leaders are the most misunderstood pieces of equipment in a fly… more »


Stillwater Hatches

by Brian Chan

Learn the dominant hatches in lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, and how to imitate them Thousands upon thousands of lakes—from tiny… more »


2016 Father's Day Gift Guide

by Fly Fisherman

Fenwick Fenglass: $200-$250 Fenwick is often thought of as the brand that introduced graphite rods to the world, but the company… more »

The FlyCastaway lodge at Farquhar Atoll, April 2016

Farquhar will come back better than ever

by Ross Purnell, Editor

When I wrote the final words of my story “Freaky Farquhar,” (coming July 1 in FLY FISHERMAN magazine) I felt I… more »


Best Knots: Reel to Fly

by Ross Purnell, Editor

The best knots to create a seamless system from your reel to the fly There is a school of thought… more »

Conservationist of the Year

Nominate: Conservationist of the Year

by Ross Purnell, Editor

There are many great conservation organizations out there working to protect our fisheries, and we all know their names: Wild… more »

Two Fly Nymph Rig

Doubling Down

by Pat Dorsey

Two flies are better than one in almost every situation If you play blackjack, you are familiar with the idea… more »


Understanding Mayflies

by Paul Weamer

Make nymphs, duns, and spinners part of your vocabulary—and your tactics Throughout most of human history, fishing was simply a… more »

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.22.57 PM

Floating the Devil's River with Brent and Ashley Hodges

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Texas is hot, dry, and inhospitable for most outdoorsmen—unless of course you’re floating or knee deep in a desert oasis like the… more »

from Trapper Rudd's Facebook page

Fly-Fishing Adventurer Trapper Rudd Passes

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Trapper Rudd, who started the Silverthorne, Colorado, fly shop Cutthroat Anglers—and built it into a thriving business—passed away May 5,… more »


Raising Athletes

by Ross Purnell, Editor

Why the Peter Gray Hatchery may be the last hope of Atlantic salmon in America. Atlantic salmon recovery so far… more »

weighted fly line

Smoother Operators

by Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski

How to cast weighted lines, heavy flies, and split-shot Many anglers do not like casting weighted lines or flies, but… more »


Bolivia Gold

by Sarah Grigg

The conquistadors were right—there is trea sure hidden deep within the jungle. Spaniard Francisco de Orellana wasn’t the first European… more »


Fly Fishing The High Road

by Steven B. Schweitzer

Backcountry dry-fly fishing in Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Just a crow’s flight west of Boulder, Colorado lies one of… more »


Streamers in the Riffles

by George Daniel

Riffles possess a high concentration of trout food, which in turn can attract larger trout during certain periods of time…. more »

Bear-repelling shotgun shell: "Dragon's Breath".

Fired Up!

by Simon Gawesworth

I have long been fascinated by a subset of the fish population called “anadromous.” By definition, anadromous means “migrating from… more »

Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

Florida's Black Tide

by Ross Purnell, Editor

How Sugar Drained the Everglades (and Sent a Flood of Polluted Water Elsewhere) Seven inches of rain in January—normally Florida’s… more »

Venezuela Fly Fishing

Fangs On The Fly

by Oliver White

Venezuela fly fishing makes most people think of tailing bonefish on white pancake flats, or marlin and sailfish off La… more »