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Edge Water Searching For Brown Trout

by Lance Egan   |  March 23rd, 2012 0

Edge WaterToday’s quick tip – Don’t forget to cover the edges of the river.

In our haste to quickly get to THE big pool we often overlook the small pockets and edges.  One of the many tips others have shared with me is to carefully cast in the shallow water where I enter the river, rather than wading through it.  If you stop and think about it I’ll bet you can recall sending a few Trout racing for cover as you entered a river with the intent of fishing a pool up ahead.  Those edge water fish can be caught with a little patience and some well placed casts.

Check out this short clip of a skinny water pocket on the river’s edge.  It is slightly slower than the surrounding river and was home (probably still is) to a smallish Brown Trout.  Browns especially love shallow edges.

Cover the edges, you might catch an extra fish or two.

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