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Fly Fishing Barracudas

by Bruce Chard   |  April 6th, 2012 0

Fly Fishing Barracudas


A barracuda on the flats can be tuff at times, but not if you go to the Bahamas.  This huge cuda was caught out of the South Andros Lodge in the Bahamas.

Larger cudas frequent deeper water edges along shallow banks.  This makes it easy for them to move in and out of deep water without traveling far.  These fish are not as spooky for they know that they are safer when near the deeper water edge.  This makes the cudas more aggressive towards your fly.

The next time the bones or perms are not around, spend some time looking on some deep water edges of flats for a toothy critter.  You might get lucky and stab a lunker like the one above.

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