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Palming The Reel, Let Him Run

by Bruce Chard   |  April 14th, 2012 0


Louis Cahill Photo

One reason why many fly anglers loose salt water fish once they have hooked them is by touching the fly reel rim while the fish is making its initial run or when a fish is making a strong fast run.

Applying to much pressure with your line hand on the outer spool (called Palming the reel) while a fish is surging, makes it tuff to control how much pressure you are putting on the leader and the fish.  Often it ends up being too much pressure and the fish is lost.

Let the drag of the salt water reel do the work.  That’s what you pay for in a good salt water reel.

Touching the reel when its spinning fast from a running fish can also result in some bruised knuckles.

Keep clear of the reel during surges and your landing ratio will go way up.

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