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Permit Accuracy

by Bruce Chard   |  December 18th, 2011 0

Aaron Snell Photo – Killer Photo Arron!

This tip is brought to you by Captain Justin Rea.  Justin is one of the few fly fishing guides that has guided fly anglers to victory in the Del Brown Permit Tournament and the March Merkin Permit Tournament.

Practice casting as much as you can before any flats fishing trip but especially before a permit trip. Practice you accuracy more than your distance casts. Most good permit catching days are windy days and many times distance is hindered by the strength of the wind. So accuracy is defiantly more important than distance. Fooling a permit with a fly is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can achieve in fly fishing.  An accurate presentation increases your odds exponentially!

Things you can do to practice accuracy are

  • Cast into a small rope circle from all kinds of different wind angles and distances
  • Practice with a heavy permit fly with the hook point cut off
  • Use a longer leader like actual permit fishing to get used to the power needed in different wind conditions
  • Practice your back cast presentations
  • High line speed presentations

This should keep you busy and prepared you for your next permit trip.

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