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Quick Stream Tip

by Lance Egan   |  October 31st, 2011 1

A quick tip when covering pocket water:

When fishing behind a large rock, mid-stream or on the bank the natural place to look for Trout is in the soft water created by the rock extending downstream.  As you can see in this short clip, make sure you also cover the water tight to the rock.  In this case the current tight to the rock is flowing perpendicular to the main flow.  I made several casts in the soft water downstream of the rock with nothing.  Before moving on I made a cast along the rock in the foam line, allowing the dry/dropper rig to drift with the eddy flowing perpendicular to the main river flow.  This brought a take.  Also of note is the high rod keeping fly line and leader off the fast water between me and the pocket behind the rock.  If I let the line or leader contact the fast current my flies will immediately have drag and will be pulled out of the fishable water.

I skipped dental school, but I still believe in offering Trout a free flossing now and then…  Even for the little fish ;)

Always look for micro seams and pockets.  If you cover a few you will have landed more fish at days end.




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