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Stripping It Hard Baby! Hook Setting Tips.

by Bruce Chard   |  September 28th, 2011 0


You want to catch more fish?  This hook setting tip will help.

The fish of the flats all have tuff mouths for hook points to penetrate.  Many times the super laser sharpened hook points are not enough to keep you connected.

As a fly angler, learning how much pressure you can actually put on your leader and knots, without breakage is a constant learning experience.

After you have presented your fly and you are stripping and/or fishing the fly it is very important to keep your rod tip pointed straight at the fly line in the water.  This way when you come tight to a fish there is no bending of the rod what so ever.  The first thing you feel is the line coming tight directly connected to the fish.  On the other hand the first thing the fish feels is that hook coming tight – hard.  This is the most effective way to apply the most power as possible to help insure a good hook penetration.

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